Over many years of building projects, I have built several strong relationships. These relationships are as important to me as the projects they come from.

Here are a few testimonials from clients I have done work for.

Linda BrownDesign for the Home

Brian and I have been working together for the past 13 years. In all instances his integrity has proved stellar and his work has never been questioned. It is a working relationship every Interior Designer would envy.

Thank you Brian.

Quick Fix Drywall25 years experience

Brian Light is my favorite contractor. His personality, character, and quality of work make him loved by his customers.

Anyone who has ever worked with Brian would refer him to Anybody!

Buddy & Sherry

Brian has done many projects for us over the years that we have been very pleased with. He is able to do anything – from laying tile to fixing the roof. He is on time, does what he says he will do and goes the extra mile in the clean up. His prices are reasonable and fair. Not only that, but I trust him with the key to my house or cabin.

We always think of Brian when something needs to be added on or fixed.

Ryan Dewey

I have worked with Brian light on many projects over the last 6 years. I have come to know of his integrity and hard work first hand. 5 different members of my family now use Brian on a regular basis. My grandmother built a garage, my brother finished his basement, my brother-in-law renovated an apartment complex, my parents tiled their office and we have used Brian in almost every room of our house.

I have zero hesitation in recommending Brian Light. My children know his name and they are excited to meet him. We feel very lucky to have met Brian Light and plan on using him for as long as he is available!

Jason ManningCultured Marble Salesman
Whitewater Inc.

Brian Light is a very thorough and compentant builder. I trust him with my own house.

We have worked together for over 10 years to complete many building projects in a timely and effecient manner.

Brian C. HarrisonAttorney at Law

I have known Brian Light for many years and would highly recommend him because of the following :

  1. He is honest.
  2. He thinks through complex problems and arrives at excellent solutions.
  3. His workmanship as a carpenter, painter, electrician, etc. is outstanding.

He is an excellent supervisor of other workmen.

David L. MorganAttorney at Law

My working relationship with Brian Light has been wonderful.  I have received services that include work on my parents' home and a complete makeover of a fifty year old home in which I now reside.

The scope of activities were handled in the utmost professional manner.  I found Brian to possess a wide range of knowledge and talents needed to repair and beautify my home.  Brian is reliable and honest.  He was a pleasure to have as a resource to draw upon in a project of this size.

I would highly recommend his talents to anyone and am planning to further use his services in the future.

Ronald R. Madson

I have known Brian Light since the fall of 1999.  I owned an apartment complex and he was involved with various contract work / improvements for us from the fall of 1999 until I sold the apartments in the fall of 2005.  Then, from August of 2004 to the present, he has also been involved in renovating an old 1870 home I purchased for  my law office.  This involved very extensive and highly skilled work over a period of four to five months.

My experience in working with Brian Light has been such that I would give 100% recommendation to anyone seeking his services.  First and foremost, I trust his integrity and loyalty.  Secondly, he is very highly skilled and proficient and he has been able to handle all kinds of renovations and remodeling.  He has years and years of experience and good judgement as to solving problems that arise in construction of all types.

Brian has been very patient and accommodating in accomplishing the projects we have given him and I, and my family, consider him a trusted friend. 

  In conclusion, I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing a top quality contractor.